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What We Provide

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with our pickup and drop off service we come to your home to pick up your dog and bring them home either for a play group service or boarding session.

No more leaving the house early to get your pup to the daycare facility or worrying about running late for pick up.

Hudson Hounds pick up & drop off service is always included.

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Our play groups are the best way to get your pup out of the house! We provide our pick up & drop off service and bring all the pups to our house that sits on a fenced in acre.

What the pups get:

Exercise to maintain a healthy weight, improved socialization with dogs and people, increased overall happiness, relief from boredom, separation anxiety, and potential destructive behavior at home. 

Play groups are Monday through Sunday with pick up starting at 9am and drop off ending at 4pm.



Whether you are away for a night for business or away on vacation for a month, your pup will be taken care of in our home. We provide all the comforts of home and give your dog the attention they need while you are away!


All boarding attendees enjoy our playgroup activities during their stay.

Hudson Hounds pick up & drop off service is always included.



Hudson Hounds offer full grooming services, making us a one stop shop for all your pets needs!

We are fully equipped to handle any breed, size or temperament. Perfect for keeping your pup fresh and clean on a regular basis and when they come

home after a boarding trip.

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