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We’re Crazy About These Pups!

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General Manager

Having been a family friend first, Noelle started out helping by occasionally dog sitting for Christine and officially came on board at Hudson Hounds back in 2016. Under Christine’s mentorship, she quickly learned the ropes and assumed her full time role running dog walks and play groups. While Christine was sick, Noelle was instrumental in keeping Hudson Hounds going!

Raised in Pleasantville and a former employee of the Jacob Burns Film Center, she realized her dream of working with dogs every day, Noelle has taken the reins in managing all the activities Hudson Hounds offers our clients. We are so very happy to have her as a part of our family.

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Aaron always had a dream of having a dog of his very own but it never actually happened... Until that fateful day he met Christine!!

Not only did Aaron meet his future companion but became the proud father of "Jasmine"!! Little did he know there would be a whole 'gang' in his life...

After Christine passed, Aaron wanted to make sure that her love and passion continued on. With the help of Noelle they will keep Christine's dream alive!!




Hudson Hounds was founded back in 2012 by an amazing woman, Christine Brown. Her love for animals led her to making her passion a career.

She started with walks and over nights but quickly created the home atmosphere that our clients have come to know and love.

Unfortunately, Christine passed away early in 2019 from a long battle against Stomach Cancer. but Hudson Hounds continues on by Aaron and Noelle who worked with Christine on building this unique home away from home for our friends.

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